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What is Dance Manias
A fad was prevalent in southern Italy and northern Europe that was believed to be caused by being bitten by a tarantula.
What is The Day Care Sex Abuse Scandal
This fad exposed children to sexual and satanic abuse and resembled the Salem witch trials also causing therapists to be called heros.
What is Transference
Sigmund Freud coined this term to describe the vulnerable influence that tied patients to their doctors.
What is Vampire Hysteria
This was the first media-driven fad in history that made people fear the “undead.”
What is Demonic Posession.
A fad that described a person’s body, thoughts, feelings and behaviors were taken over by evil and must use extreme measure to purge the ailment.
What is Hysteria
Patients that exhibited neurological symptoms that were inappropriate considering the distribution of the nervous symptom (i.e paralysis, sensory loss, speech loss or alteration, convulsions, etc.) were diagnosed with this psychiatric fad.
What is Dance Mania
Visions, fainting, twitching, loss of appetite, soreness, and swelling are all symptoms of this fad?
Who is Sigmund Freud
Believed that neurasthenia and the energy depletion was caused by a depleted libido and treatment would entail less masturbation or excessive intercourse.
What is The Sorrows of Young Werther
In 1774 this novel romanticed suicide creating a new fad that lead to many imatative suicides.
What is Epidemics of Suicide
This fad prompted the Center for Disease Control to create a set of guidelines on media reporting.

Fads of the Past

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