Definitions TYPES
What is it seeks to synthesize and illustrate previously finished strategic research that hasn't yet been adequately described or succinctly stated?
Define Expository Research
What is observational, simulation, correlational and experimental research methods?
The four major types of research methods.
What is cause and effect?
It points out the similarities and/or differences between two things.
What is...
1. Cause and Effect
2. Problem and Solution
3. Comparison and Contrast
4. Definition
5. Clarification
6. Process
7. Descriptive
List five Expository Research.
What is the studying of subjects and events in their most natural environments. In contrast to structured environments like research labs or focus groups, which enables researchers to notice participants decision making and behaviour in natural settings?
Define observational research method.
What is definition is to describe or exactly state the nature or meaning of something in a concise and precise manner whilst descriptive means to give a detailed version account of something to paint a vivid picture in one's mind.
The difference between Definition and Descriptive Expository Research.


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