Soil Degradation Deforestation Plastic Pollution
Pesticides are attached to the bottom of the bee's legs
In bee vectoring technology, what is attached to the bee and where is it attached?
To make room for more manmade structures such as farms and cities
Why does deforestation happen?
It may be accidentally ingested or trap an animal
How might plastic pollution harm aquatic life?
Deforestation, overgrazing, slash-and-burn agriculture
What are some agricultural practices that cause soil degradation?
Soil erosion, habitat loss, greenhouse gas emissions, food insecurity, climate change, wildlife extinction, biodiversity loss, water cycle changes
What is a negative effect of deforestation?
The plastic kills marine life such as fish, reducing catch amounts and quality and therefore reducing income
How might plastic pollution harm marine-dependent communities?
How much of Earth's soils are already degraded?
Reduces pressure on natural forests, promotes biodiversity, stabilizes and nourishes soil
What are some of the benefits of agroforestry for the environment?
What was Norway's 2021 return rate of plastic bottles through the Deposit Return System (DRS)?
Sandy and dry soils
What type of soil is no-till farming most effective on?
It provides people with financial incentives to protect and restore forests
How does Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) prevent deforestation?
China; 37.6 million tons
What country is the leading contributor to worldwide plastic pollution as of 2024, and how much plastic have they contributed? (give a statistic)
It can take up to 1,000 years to produce 2-3 cm of soil.
Fill in the blank: It can take up to _______ years to produce _______ cm of soil.
Mexico; participants cut down 29% less forest
Costa Rica; restored forest cover by 26%
Brazil; increased farm forest cover by 2.8-5.6%
Where has Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) been implemented, and how effective was it? (give a statistic)
Deposit price is added to beverage price and refunded to buyer when they turn in empty bottle for recycling; bottle is crushed after returned to protect from fraud, then is recycled
In Deposit Return Systems (DRS), how is a financial incentive created and what happens to the bottles after they are returned?

Environmental Dangers to Health

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