Did they really make that? Charlie Brown Celebrities on Jeopardy American Landmarks Just the Nebraskan facts
Nirvana entered the music world with "this" their first album with insane success
A Charlie brown Christmas
no specials will ever be as special as the very first Peanuts special "this"
Charles Barkley
This singer known for his work on the hit song "crazy" was on Jeopardy and got pretty far as well
Grand Canyon
Arbor Day
Nebraska is the originator of "this holiday" to celebrate trees, and the state that plants the most trees on that day wins!
Nikola Tesla, creator of the Tesla Coils also made this household item for your TV, guess he did a lot
Red Baron/WW1 Pilot
In the Charlie Brown Halloween special Snoopy dresses up as "this" pretty weird for a dog in a children movie
Will Wheaton
In the 2022 Celebrity Jeopardy that got "this man" of Star Trek fame to get to the finals
Chimney Rock
What is
"This" Billionaire and “Oracle of Omaha” is one of the richest people in the world and was born in Nebraska
Stereo Hearts
The gym class heroes #1 song that really doesn't feel like a gym class heroes song at all
Finish this quote. "Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet __________."
Hasan Minhaj
This famous comedian got on Jeopardy and lost pretty badly but jokes on you, He's been to the white house when even the president didn't show up
South Carolina
Fort Sumpter
Kool Aid
Nebraska is the birthplace of "this" juice syrup. OH YEAH!
George Washington carver was known for making peanut butter and other peanut related items but he also made a car that could run on "this plant"
in the 2015 movie remake of the Charlie Brown comics, Charlie Brown falls in love with "the little red headed girl" who's real name is "this"
Stephen King
This extremely famous writer known for his horror books and movies was seen on jeopardy after his movie about space clowns got pretty popular
Cloud Gate
Nebraska has the worlds largest "this" even though it's landlocked
Benjamin Franklin was one of the greatest scientific minds of all time creating numerous inventions that improved millions of lives but we don't really talk about "this musical instrument" that he also made
It's Arbor day Charlie Brown
During "this Charlie brown special" Lucy helps sally plant a tree right on Charlie Browns pitcher's mound
Buzz Aldrin
This New Jersey boy who reached great heights in the field of astronomy found his spot on Jeopardy and funnily enough didn't get very far
The French Quarter
Before the college on Nebraska's football team was called the Huskers they were called "this" and I cannot imagine why

Double Jeopardy

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