Pokemon Cats Around the Neighborhood 21 Pilots Trench Song Lyrics Drinks Big Nate Trivia
What is Golem
This is the final evolution form of Geodude
Who is Amazon
He's named after a major online retailer.
What are spirits
Jumpsuit: These in my room, friend or foe?
What is Silk
This is the company that makes the soy milk cartons that we usually buy.
What are cats
Nate has a giant fear of these animals.
What is Gastly
This is the first evolution form of Gengar
Who is Frenemy
He is the most frequent backyard visitor, and is frequently made fun of by Leia.
What is an island
Pet Cheetah: I am on this, no one to confide.
What is Pepsi-Cola
Mountain Dew is owned by this company.
What is Soy Nuts And Kale.
Chad's grandmother gives him some SNAK, which stands for this.
What is Johto
The region that Entei, Suicune, and Raikou come from is known as this.
Who is Gary
This cat is famous for rubbing everyone in the family... except for the host.
What is alive
Leave the City: In time I will leave the city, for now I will stay this.
What is Coca-Cola
This major company makes Oscar's favorite drink, Fanta 0.
What is Ortiz
This is Teddy's last name.
What are Prize Cards
On every Ultra Beast Pokemon card, there is an attack or ability involving these.
Who is Sunburst
This cat is named after the largest mass in the solar system.
What are one and zero.
Morph: Lights they blinked to me, transmitting things to me, these two numbers, ergo this symphony.
What is iced tea
Snapple makes this kind of drink.
What is Butthurst
This is Francis's middle name.
What are the Lake Guardians
Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie are known as these (I'm not looking for the answer "Legendary Pokemon!")
Who is Leia
This cat is the greatest cat at everything ever, and she's only gone outside once.
What is fire-breathe
Levitate: Ever since the 7th grade I learned to do this.
What is Barq's
This is Coca-Cola's root beer brand.
What is Belarus
This is the country where Artur is from.

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