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What is hyperbolic doubt?
In order to undertake his task, Descartes uses a method of doubt known as this.
What is an idea?
In its strict sense, this is an image of things.
What is the way to avoid error?
Refraining from making a judgement about things that are obscure and confused is this.
What is sensory experience?
The existence of bodies is hypothesized by Descartes because this thing is not necessary to the pure understanding.
What is Res Cogitons or Thinking thing?
A thing that doubts, understands, affirms, denies, wills, does not will, and which also imagines and senses. (Latin and English)
What are doubting the senses, the dreamer and the deceiving god hypothesis (evil genius)?
Descartes' method is to systematically undermine the principles of his beliefs. These three steps are used to execute the task.
What is the causal principle?
This principle is used to prove God's existence.
What is the truth rule?
Following this means Descartes must separate the things he understands perfectly from those he understands in an obscure and confused way.
What is sensation?
Descartes argues from this kind of thinking that physical things exist.
What are I am, I exist. I exist as a thinking thing?
These two things are Descartes' certitudes.
What is Pyrrhonism?
This form of skepticism, named after a Greek philosopher argued that all our beliefs are subject to doubt.
What is formal reality?
All ideas have this equalizing nature which is analogous to paint and canvas.
What is a horse with or without wings?
I am not free to think of God without existence in the same way that I can imagine this.
What are imagining and sensing?
These two faculties cannot be understood without myself as the intellectual substance in which they inhere because they are like modes of understanding.
What is intentional/objective reality?
This term refers to the metaphysical position of ideas as they relate to one another substantively.
What is perceiving?
The wax example demonstrates that this is an inspection of the mind alone.
What is the Cartesian circle?
This problem keeps going round in Descartes' Meditations.
What is God?
If I wasn't distracted by prejudice and images of things, I would know this prior to everything else.
What is like a pilot to a ship or a ghost in a machine?
I am connected to my body in such an intimate way as to be unified with it. My relationship to my body is not like this.
What is sensory perception?
These were given by nature to signify to the mind that which is beneficial or harmful for the body, but if I mistake them as guarantees of the essences of things, I run into problems.
What is the defective design hypothesis?
This is the hypothesis in which Descartes suggests that it may be possible that God causes him to be mistaken, not unlike a faulty calculator.
What is the conservation argument?
Descartes explores a second proof for God in Mediation 3 by examining the following elements as causal factors, himself, his parents, society. This second proof is known as the ___________ argument.
What is that clearly and distinctly perceived things are true?
If God exists and I understand that everything depends on Him and He is not a deceiver, I can conclude this.
What is nature?
Descartes understands this to be God himself or a coordinated system of created things established by God.
What are enthymatic and reductio ad absurdum.
Descartes' argument for God's existence in Meditation 5 take these two logical forms.

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