What is Brand
These videos focus on the business' core values and give it a unique position in the market.
What is the CPD Typeform
This is one of the first steps in a Lead Hand off and can be submitted in less than 5 minutes
What is Development
This is where the Consultant will hand off the project to the Commercial Production Department. The Producer will facilitate the logistics, whereas the Director will steward the creative process. We start with a Workshop and end with a Screenplay and/or Audio/Visual (AV) Script depending on the scope
What is the CPD Sample Library
Here you can find links to video examples that can be shared out both internally and externally
What is Deliverables
1-2 Minute Video
30 sec SME video
15 sec SME video
Lifestyle Portraits
What is Immediately
If you're having trouble closing a deal, when is the best time to involve the Producer?
What is Post Production
This is when the shots are assembled together in a string of calculated cuts and stylistically selected transitions. The assembly is then complemented with a multisensory audio design and environmentally responsive color correction and color grade. This phase is in and of itself its own unique craft and is the final phase of the overall project before the deliverable is sent.
What is the CPD Commission Board
All Leads/Closes are assigned to their respective project. Matt Wood pays out via next payment cycle.
What is Community
These videos share the lifestyle + benefits of a particular region. Great for highlighting an Agent's specific farm, or simply drawing interest to any location.
What is The Development Call
The invoice must be paid in full, before we can move forward to this next step
What is Production
Sometimes referred to as Principal Photography, this phase is when "lights, camera, action" happens. Our production crew goes on set and we begin actualizing the script. The Producer is responsible for logistics, the Director of Photography is responsible for the camera, and the Director is responsible for the overall outcome.
What is The CPD WikiBoard
You can view this board if you have questions related to literally ANYTHING CPD
What is any Event Package
This content type has a %200 off promo running until the end of December.
What is The Consultation Call
Not to be confused with the Development Call, this interaction is usually the initial point of contact and time for you to gather creative details, logistics and close the deal.
What is Pre Production
Here, we assemble the production crew, conduct a location scout when applicable, handle all backend paperwork, rent and pick-up equipment when applicable, cast talent if needed, finalize all tentative calendar dates, and develop the call sheet. This is the preparation that makes the production happen smoothly and cohesively.
What is The Producer
This individual is your direct resource for most questions, guidance + client support.
What is Testimonial
These videos are best for company flex. It allows clients to praise good service or give a product review.
What is Product + Budget
These must be identified and matched by the consulate in order to collect Lead commission.
What is Distribution
Once the deliverables are shared, this is the space in which clients can begin posting and marketing themselves across multiple platforms
What is the CPD Overview Board
This board acts as Tonomo and is completely manually operated.


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