Cory’s Favorite Things Cory’s Least Favorite Things
Who are Cory's cats?
They are known to show up to any of Cory’s meetings and demand food, pets or attention.
What is Brown Bear? (APT28, Fancy Bear, Cozy Bear also accepted)
A sophisticated nation-state hacking group that had a nasty surprise for Cory just as he joined Confluent.
What is Death Metal?
A specific style of music involving screaming and aggressive tempos, atypical for a CISO.
What is beer?
A drink he does not like improperly chilled.
What are truffles?
Some people like to eat them, notoriously their photos look like poop.
What is China?
Cory has been woken up in this country by two members of his current team.
What is Hotel Zico?
This exciting location for lodging features low prices, a virtual front desk, and (probably) meth addicts that tried to break into Cory’s room
What is cruising?
This activity involves boats, screaming children, and norovirus.
What is whiskey?
A drink that is enjoyed by this CISO with a drop or two of water.
What is hoods?
This item to keep you warm is something he does not like on clothing

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