Session 1 and Active Listening Communicating Like a Pro Make these responses cheerful
Hearing is to sense a sound and Listening is to pay attention to a sound
What is the difference between hearing and listening?
Open, Closed and Probing
What are the different types of question one can ask?
Absolutely! Here is your vested balance....
Your account balance is $5898.67
Hearing > Interpretation > Responding
What are the different stages of active listening?
Could you please elaborate a little on what type of bills you have there so accordingly we can look at options for you?
"I am having a lot of difficulties paying the bills". What question will you ask to understand the situation better?
Sure, this is confusing for me too. Luckily we have a system calculator, let me help you with it.
I can help you with the calculation.
Active Listening > Questioning Skills > Choice of Words > Tone of Voice
What forms a communication?
Don't worry, we are here to help you with the process. So are you looking to bring money into ADP or out of ADP?
"I am calling to rollover the funds, but ADP is not listed in my fidelity website, I am not sure what to do? Is it something you guys can help me with?"What question will you ask to understand the situation better?
Sure, I understand DD would be convenient. ADP is a record keeping company and we deal our financial transaction through trust, so a check is a more secure way of moving funds.
We cannot do direct deposit for you.
Service Attitude
What is impressed our Charlie the most?
Sorry, there was a slight disturbance in the line, are you talking about withdrawal options?
How can we say this better?
"Can you repeat that please?"
Oh! I am sorry if it did not come out right last time. Let me check reference notes.
"I am not sure what discussion you had with my colleague but You have to pay the taxes okay?"
Be Patient, Avoid interruptions, Listen only to the ppt carefully, avoid making any assumptions
How can we focus to actively listen?
"Sure direct rollovers are possible, let me explain the process for you"
Here is a call script,
PPT - Do you offer direct rollover?
Ass - Are you still working with the company?
Instead of this, what should have been the associate response?
Welcome to ADP, we wish you a great time contributing to your retirement funds :)
PPT just enrolled in to ADP 401K plan. "Thank you for calling ADP you have a great day!"

Communicating Like a Pro

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