what is the mistake ? True Or False Lesson question
jhon is playing outside
Jhon is playing outside.
''jack and I went to the store'' I should not be capitalized.
False ,it is the only pronoun to be capitalized.
Should the first of the first word in a sentence be Capitalized?
Yes, it should be Capitalized.
Mandy is reading . and her Mother is cooking.
Mandy is reading . And her mother is cooking .
The Blue Jay is a very aggressive bird.... Wait can you give me back my pencil. there is no mistake in this sentence .
False, Blue and Jay shouldn't be capitalized.
Do all Pronouns get capitalized?
No, not all just the pronoun I
i went to newyork city and had some lunch at a resturant
I went to NewYork city and had some lunch at a Resturant.
IF ''I'' is in the middle of the sentence it should stay capitalized .
True , it's always capitalized.
When do we Capitalize ?
A_at the beginning of the sentence.
B_the pronoun I
C_title. D_proper nouns.
My-Four-years-old, meg, traveled to paris with me
My four-years-old , Meg , traveled to Paris with me.
Proper adjectives are not capitalized only proper nouns that gat capitalized.
False, Both can get capitalized.
What are the situations that the nouns also get capitalized in?
1_names. 2_locations. 3_events.
4_religion. 5_proper nouns and adjectives.
Mark asked me IF I prefer getting Sushi or Burgers , I said ''both of them work with me ''
Mark asked me if I prefer getting sushi or burgers, I said , ''Both of them work with me''
Every noun can be capitalized ?
False, only Pronoun ''I'' and the Proper nouns can be capitalized.
In ''TO FLY'' find examples of 2 types of capitalization?
p.7 (During it's lifetime) because it's at the beginning of the sentence.
p.5(I remember as a) Pronoun I


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