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What is a postponement or cancellation? (Rule 10.310)
This is necessary if the mediator believes that a threat to a party exisits which may impair any party's ability to freely and willingly enter into an informed agreement.
What is self determination? (Rule 10.310)
A term meaning " a free and informed choice to agree or not to agree".
What is a written explanation of fees? (Rule 10.380)
Prior to mediation, a mediator must provide this to the parties or their counsel.
What is settle? (Rule 1.720)
This party representative, is given full authority to do THIS, if they are given the means to be a final decision maker with respect to all issues.
What is comment or recommendation? (Rule 1.730)
If no agreement is reached, the mediator shall report the lack of agreement to the court without THIS.
Who are the parties? (Rule 10.310)
Decisions made during a mediation should be made by these groups.
What is a conflict of interest? (Rule 10.340)
A term meaning "when any relationship between the mediation and the mediation participants, or subject matter of the dispute, compromises or appears to compromise the mediator's impartiality".
What is time? (Rule 10.380)
Any charges for mediation services must be based on this, whether it is spent or allocated.
What is 10? (Rule 1.720)
This is the minimum number of days each party has before a mediation to file with the court a designation about who will be attending the mediation.
What is Mediation? Rule 1.710(b)
Bond estreatures, habeas corpus, bond validations, civil or criminal contempt. These are all examples of categories of actions that cannot be referred to THIS.
What is impartiality? (Rule 10.340)
Regardless if both parties agree, if a conflict of interest impairs a mediator's THIS, they must withdraw?
What is The Florida Dispute Resolution Center of the Office of the States Court Administrator? (Rule 10.720)
A term that can be abbreviated to "DRC" or "Center".
What is postponement or cancellation? (Rule 10.380)
In your explanantion of fees, it is important to include the circumstances under which charges due to THIS will be assessed or waived.
What are sanctions? (Rule 1.720)
If a party fails to appear at mediation without good cause, the court, upon motion, shall impose these.
Who is the presiding judge? (Rule 1.720)
This person will establish the compensation of mediators in the absence of a written agreement by the parties or their counsel.
What is conflidentiality? (Rule 10.360)
This must be maintained at all times except when disclosure is required or permitted by law or is agreed to by all parties?
What is the Orientation Session? (Rule 10.420)
A term that describes the beginning of a mediation during which the mediator must explain the process and their role.
What are records? (Rule 10.380)
A mediator must maintain THESE necessary to support charges and expenses.
Who is the Mediator? (Rule 1.720(d))
The person shall at all times be in control of the mediation and the procedures to be followed in mediation.
What is immunity? (Fla. Stat. 44.107)
If a mediator is serving in any court-ordered mediation, they shall have THIS from liability arising from the performance of that person's duties.
What is legal counsel? (Rule 10.370)
If a mediator believes a party does not understand or appreciate how an agreement may adversely affect legal rights or obligations, the mediator shall advise the party to seek this.
What is coercion? (Rule 10.310)
A term meaning to improperly influence any party to make a decision or unwillingly participate in mediation?
What is contingency? (Rule 10.380)
A mediator shall not charge or base a fee on the outcome of the process, frequently called this kind of fee.
Who is the party or party's representative with full settlement authority, the party's counsel of record, and the representative of the insurance carrier with full settlement authority? (Rule 1.720)
These three (3) actors must attend the mediation to consider the party present.
What is "Subsequent Proceeding?" (Fla. Stat. 44.403)
This term means an adjudicative process that follows a mediation, including related discovery.
What is the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee?
The abbreviation "MEAC" stands for this in Florida.

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