Civil Rights People Civil Rights Misc. Vietnam War: Over There Vietnam: At Home
A. Rosa Parks
B. Harriet Tubman
C. Ruby Bridges
This woman became a civil rights activist after she was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white person on the bus.
A. Brown vs. Board of Education
B. James vs. Board of Education
C. Smith vs. Board of Education
This is the court case that ruled separate facilities were not equal and it lead to the desegregation of schools.
A. Ngo Dinh Diem
B. Bao Dai
C. Nguyen Cao Ky
This man was the leader of Southern Vietnam and was supported by the US.
A. Birds
B. Hawks
C. Pigeons
Those who supported the war were known as this.
A. Raymond Goolsby
B. Emmett Till
C. Janice Kelsey
This is a 14 year old boy who was murdered for whistling at a white woman.
A. Act 1970
B. Act 1964
C. Act 1965
Which act did not help minorities achieve greater equality in society?
A. True
B. False
The Sea of Resolution was passed by Congress allowed LBJ to run a war in Vietnam without the declaration of war from Congress.
A. Doves
B. Eagles
C. Ducks
Those who were anti-war were known as this.
A. 11
B. 7
C. 9
The Little Rock ___ was attempting to attend school at the start of school desegregation and it lead to a chaotic event.
A. True
B. False
Affirmative Action is An action or policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, esp. in relation to employment or education.
A. Acculturation
B. Vietnamization
C. Appropriation
This plan called for the gradual withdrawal of US troops in South Vietnam leaving a greater fighting responsibility to the South Vietnamese.
A. My Lai Massacre
B. Hue
C. 3rd Battalion
This violent act carried out by US soldiers in Vietnam where innocent women and children were slaughtered was the final breaking point for the American population.
A. Malcolm X
B. Marin Luther King Jr
C. Medger Evers
Identify the civil rights leader that wanted African Americans to separate from white society and did not take the non-violent protest approach others utilized.
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Richard Nixon
C. John F Kennedy
This President tried to slow down the process of school desegregation to please the Southern voters.
A. Col. Moore
B. Max Beilke
C. William Westmoreland
This man was the commander of the US troops at the start of the Vietnam conflict.
A. Operation Rolling Thunder
B. 1954 Geneva Conference
C. Tet Offensive
This event of the Vietnam war was presented to the American public as a terrible loss for the US troops, however; it was actually the breaking point for the Vietnam forces.
A. John Wilkes Booth
B. James Earl Ray
C. J.W Milam
This man killed Martin Luther King Jr.
A. Journalists
B. Freedom writers
C. Town churches
White and black civil right activists who rode buses into the segregated south to challenge the segregation of buses.
A. Rain Warfare Act
B. War Powers Act
C. Sand Storm Act
This Act limited the power of the president to use military personnel without Congressional approval.
A. Texas A & M
B. Kent State University
C. Virginia Tech
A protest at this University lead to the deaths of 4 students at the hands of the National Guard.

Civil Rights

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