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The job of ________ is to devise policies and practices and lead employees to behave in ways that ultimately support corporate goals.
What is Human Resources?
The guiding force that determines what kinds of employee behaviors are needed.
What is Organizational Strategy?
Job candidates look for organizations with _______ that fit their personalities.
What is Reward Systems?
Efficiency involves three general areas of concern.
What is Strategy, Structure, and Standards?
Based on the idea that only the individual employee knows what package of rewards would best suit personal needs.
What is Flexible Compensation?
The three elements that motivate employees
What is important to a person?,
Offering it in exchange for some,
Desired behavior?
Rewards such as promotions, vacations, and compensation that a person receives from sources other than the job itself
What is Extrinsic Rewards?
The guaranteed portion of an employee's wage package
What is Base Pay?
The composite of experience, training, and ability as measured by the performance requirements of a particular job.
What is Skill Requirement?
Recent efforts to use different types of compensation as a tool for retaining workers have focused on this.
What is Scarce Talent?
Data suggests dissatisfaction with pay can be a key factor in _______.
What is Turnovers?
This is intended to pay employees for learning new skills.
What is Skill Based Pay

Chapter 9

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