Racism Theories/Concepts Social Dynamics Interventions Self Care!
What is hate crime
The defacement of a Jewish family’s home with Swastikas is an example of this
This is an “ideal” in which all members of a society have the same opportunities, basic rights, obligations, and social benefits
What is Social Justice
This group is extremely likely to be unaware of their own prejudice
What are highly prejudiced people
This program works to eliminate discrimination during the hiring and admissions processes for minorities
What is affirmative action
What is white privilege
This is when White people can assume that police officers will provide protection and assistance
This term, according to the textbook, assumes that change is best accomplished when the people affected by problems are empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to understand their problems and then work cooperatively together to overcome them?
What is community capacity development
These are strengths that allow African American families function in a racist society
What is strong kinship bonds, strong work orientation, adaptability of family roles, strong achievement orientation, strong religious orientation
These are some available interventions for addressing systemic inequality and oppression
What is educational reform/improving access to education, improving access to healthcare, identifying and dismantling sources of privilege (esp. By those who are privileged), media action, activism, etc.
What is institutional discrimination
An example of this is when a family counseling agency with branch offices assigns its less skilled counselors and thereby provides lower-quality services to an office located in a minority neighborhood
This model asserts that community change can best be brought about through broad participation of a wide spectrum of people at the local community level
What is the locality development model
These are commitments that social workers should uphold
What is A lifelong commitment to self-evaluation and self-critique
A commitment to fixing power imbalances where no power imbalance should exist
A commitment to develop partnerships with people and groups who advocate for advancing the human rights of members of diverse groups

Chapter 5 Jeopardy

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