The Road to “There”

You Work Here Effective Communication Know Thyself Higher Relationships Name That Champ
Who is Murray Wilson?
The full name of the founder of Wilson & Company
What is active listening?
A way of listening that involves full attention to what is being said for the purpose of understanding the speaker
What is emotional intelligence?
The ability to positively manage your own emotions and the emotions of others
What is “The Offer of Higher Relationships”?
If you are willing to take on the company goals as your own, we want to help you achieve yours
Who is Beverly?
The name of Brenda’s alter-ego
What is 1932?
The year Wilson & Company was founded
What are non-verbal queues?
Queues in a conversation that are not spoken or heard
What is self-awareness?
The ability to understand how you come across to other people
What is collaboration?
The action of working with others to accomplish or achieve something
Group I: Scott Asher, Stephen Bryan, Scott Croshaw, Shannon Haas, Tyler Glissman, Justin Klaudt, Andy Leifheit, Conrad Ley, Nick Thomas, Michael Wright

Group II: Tyler Ashton, Matt Bryant, Brandon Buckman, Jon Chesser, Brandon Hensley, Marc Hess, Amy Livermore, Brian Spano, Ted Tjerandsen, Scott Waterman

Group III: Jimmy Anderson, Nate Burns, Edward Cordova, Brigitte Fuller, Doug Goetz, Will Knight, Ricardo Maldonado, Amy Moran, Steve Salazar, Chris Smith, Jim Townsend, Emerson Zamora
The names of two Champions from each of Groups I, II and III
What is 14 offices in 9 states?
The number of current offices and number of states in which Wilson & Company operates
What is context?
The unique experiences and relationships surrounding a single person
What is an extrovert?
This type of person draws their energy from being around others
What is intensity?
It’s not working 65 hours a week, but rather being intentional about every hour you work
Who are Annabelle (Zamarripa), Margaret (Reed),
Maren (Loughman)?
The first names of the three babies born in Group IV during the program
What is a plumb bob?
The name of the object hidden in the "O" of Wilson & Company's logo
What is the illusion that it occurred?
This is the biggest misconception about communication
What is your personal purpose?
The question “For the sake of what?” is intended to help you identify this
What are Discipline, Intensity, Collaboration, Shared Ownership, Solutions?
The 5 core principles of Higher Relationships in the correct order
Who are Mary Watt and Jennifer Brady?
The names of Steve Watt’s and Jim Brady’s wives
What are Transportation, Survey & Geospatial, Rail, Municipal Services, Facilities Engineering, and Shared Services?
The names of all of the divisions of Wilson & Company
Who is “me”?
The person responsible for ensuring that communication actually occurs
What is accountability?
Taking ownership of one’s actions and behaviors is called this
What is a strategic advantage?
Practicing Higher Relationships provides us with this against our competitors
Who is Bob Paulette?
The name of the person who co-founded Wilson & Company with Murray Wilson
What is the Cauldron of Change (or Path of Change)?
The Aitken Leadership Group model that illustrates the challenge of moving from the current status quo to a new status quo

Champions Jeopardy Round 2

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