Primary survey CPR AED Choking Special considerations
What are gloves and protective eyewear?
*Note: masks are also mandatory in pandemics/ if the patient is infectious.
The minimum PPE requirements are: _________ and _________.
What is recoil?
It is important that you allow the chest to effectively ________ in between chest compressions.
What is D) B and C are correct?
It is unsafe to administer a shock when _________.
A) The person is on snow, ice, or light rain,
B) Someone is touching the patient.
C) You are using free-flowing oxygen.
D) B and C are correct.
What is cough or speak?
I should encourage them to keep coughing.
I know that a person's airway is partially blocked if they can _________ or _________. I should encourage them to __________.
What is 45-60 seconds?
You find a patient lying VSA on an outdoor ice rink in the middle of winter and he is underdressed. How long should you check his vital signs?
What are hazards?
Before approaching the patient I must check the environment for:__________.
What is the chest compression fraction?
*CCF should be 80% of the time when giving compressions and breaths.
This term refers to the percentage of time spent giving chest compressions during CPR.
What are chest compressions?
When the AED is in CHARGE mode you should be administering ________ ______________.
What are: call 911; perform chair thrusts; move to a place where I can be noticed.
Name three things I can do to help myself if I am alone and choking.
What is carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning?
You come across an unresponsive patient who is VSA and you notice that her skin is turning a pinkish tint. You check the patient's SpO2 and the reading is 100%,. You should suspect: _________ _________ poisoning.
What is "responsive to painful stimuli"?
If an individual were to grimace and/ or moan in pain when you squeeze their traps, then their LOR (AVPU scale) is: __________.
What is when someone asks for your phone #!
(MC) It is NOT ok to discontinue CPR when (chose all correct answers):
A) the scene becomes unsafe
B) the person resumes breathing (ROSC) and screams OW!!!
C) someone asks for your phone #
D) another trained HCP takes over
E) you need to take a breather because you are exhausted.
What are C and D?
If the patient has a very hairy chest, you should [select any correct answer(s)]:
A) Leave it as is and stick the pad on top.
B) Do a fine, thorough manscape of the entire chest.
C) Do a quick shave of the area where the pad belongs.
D) I can use an AED pad to wax of hair (if no razor is present).
What is a chest thrust?
On a pregnant or larger individual I should perform back blows and _______ thrusts (as opposed to the abdominal thrust).
What are evacuate immediately and call 911?
You enter a room and within a few minutes start feelin:
-dizzy/ lightheaded
-tightness in the chest.
You must: ___________ immediately and call ___.
What is the jaw thrust?
You should perform this technique if you suspect a head or spinal injury (when opening the airway).
What is administer 5 cycles (2 minutes) of CPR?
(*If they are small enough, also take the child with you).
If you are all alone with a CHILD or INFANT (pediatric patient) and need to leave them unattended to call 911, I must do what before leaving to call?
What is A) a neonate (under 30 days)?
It is unsafe to defibrillate (select all of the correct answers):
A) a neonate
B) a pregnant person
C) a patient with a pacemaker
D) all of the above
What is drink water or run to the bathroom?
What is one thing you should never do when choking? (Hint: there are some common mistakes that people make).
What is epinephrine? Calling 911/ EMS.
Your patient got stung by a bee and now is having: -trouble breathing (making high-pitched sounds)
-is breaking out into hives,
-feels dizzy and nauseous.
You must treat this patient with: _________ and calling ___?
What is an agonal respiration?
YES they sure do require CPR.
If your patient is gasping at irregular intervals and not breathing normally, this is known as an _________ respiration. *Does this person need CPR?
What is compression only CPR?
If I do NOT have a BVM or a pocket mask and it is unsafe to give rescue breaths (mouth-to-mouth), then I can instead perform: _________ _______ CPR.
What is elevate the right hip?
In order to increase blood flow to the (pregnant) patient's heart, you can _______ the right hip.
Lock the wheels!
Before performing these techniques on a patient in a wheel chair, I must remember to: ________ (3 words).
What is naloxone and calling 911?
Your patient is lying VSA and is barely breathing.
-His skin is becoming cyanotic (note: this might be grey tint on a darker skinned person).
- His eyes are rolled back and his pupils are constricted
-His muscle tone is very flaccid.
You should treat this patient with __________ and calling ____.

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