Things Your Mama Say Things Your Hear In Church Black Culture Guess That Song Black Gatherings
What is "Take the chicken out the freezer"
She tells you to do this when she wants to cook dinner
What is First Lady
The pastor's wife.
Who is Barack Obama
A man who was voted the first black President of the United States and served as the United States Senator for the State of Illinois
What is "Never Would Have Made It"
I'm stronger, I'm wiser
I'm better, much better
When I look back over all you brought me through
I can see that you were the one I held on to
What is Spades
You do not sit at this table if you do not know how to play this game.
What is "Stop running in and out my house"
You're having fun outside but are constantly going in and out the house
What is "Neighbor"
Look at your neighbor and say.....
What is Drop Top.
Rain Drop.
What is "You're Amazing"
You cause the sun, the sun and moon to shine
I'm so glad you're mine
Oh I'm glad to say you're mine
What is "Before I Let Go by Frankie Beverly and Maze"
You know I thank God sun rises and shines on you
You know there's nothin', nothin', nothin' I would not do
What is "Akikiki my ***"
When you found something funny and she didn't.
What is "All the time"
God is good......
Who is Oprah Winfrey
First black female talk show host
Who is Vashawn Mitchell
This artist sings the songs such as "Turning Around for Me" and "Chasing After You"
What is "Cha Cha Slide"
A line dance that makes you put your hands on your knees
What is "I ain't one of ya lil friends"
When you think you can talk to your mother any type of way.
What is "We got the Holy Ghost"
We don't need no music....
Who is "Lil Webbie"
Who taught you how to spell the word "independent"?
Who is Kirk Franklin
This artist sings the song "Revolution"
What is Uncle
This family member always comes to the gatherings drunk and with a story to tell.
What is "Come get my remote"
She may text you this or call you to her room when she does not feel like getting up.
What is "Who is the head of my life"
Giving thanks and praises to God....
What is "Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou"
It’s in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
What is "The Presence of the Lord Is Here"
Everybody blow the trumpet
And sound the alarm
Because the Lord is in the temple
Let everybody bow
What is Dominoes
This is often a substitute for Spades and mostly all the old folks play it.

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