BE SO FR ITS SPAGHETTI IN DERE !! Whatcu know about this? I'm Allergic to Losing if johnny had 5 apples...
What is Bundles?
18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch
What is Mumbo Sauce?
This sauce is Native of Washington D.C. and does not contain mayonnaise.
What is Poison?
"Miss her, kiss her, love her"
What is Basketball?
The Globetrotters were a famous sports team of the 1960s. Name the sport.
What is 8?
You have 13 Puppies, all but 8 die how many puppies do you have?
What is a Du rag?
Kylie Jenner wore it to NYFW simply for "fashion purposes" but black men wear it to keep their waves intact and fresh.
What is Kool-aid?
This Beverage is often served in the summertime after being prepared with lots of sugar and ice.
What is Love Sosa?
"You boys ain't making no noise
Ya'll know I'm a grown boy
Your clique full of broke boys"
Who is Michael Jordan?
In 1993 this player retired from the NBA and played minor league baseball until 1995.
what is 8?
What gas do plants absorb from the atmosphere for photosynthesis?
Who is Madam C.J. Walker?
She was the first black millionaires, and she invented the world’s first hair-straightening formula and/or the hot comb.
What is fried Chicken?
This food is often paired with waffles.
What is Kncokin Da Boots?
"This is the peace that you cannot buy
Send me a love that you cannot mix
One is the joy that you cannot waste
And the other one price that you cannot fix"
Who is Serena Williams?
As of the 2017 Australian Open, she is the only tennis player, male or female, to win 10+ grand slam singles titles in two separate decades
What is 0?
How many terms did Benjamin Franklin serve as president?
What is a Perm?
This treatment gave people with kinky or curly hair permanently straight hair.
What is Hennessey?
This beverage is a popular cognac featured in many hip hop songs.
What is Bills, Bills, Bills?
"Can you pay my bills
Can you pay my telephone bills
Can you pay my automo-bills "
Who is Magic Johnson?
This player-turned-entrepreneur has a chain of theaters marketed under his name.
What is Me?
Your mom had 4 Kids North, south and east. Who is the 4th child?
What is a Dashiki?
Colorful shirt of African origin, worn a lot by black men and women (especially in the 70s)
What is Mcdonald's money?
What might momma say you need when you want McDonald's
What is March Madness?
"Apply the pressure with the VVS, I drive the foreign like it was a Chevy, Drive the foreign like it was a skrttt"
Who is Gabby Douglas?
First African American gymnast to win the individual all-around at the Olympics
What is 164 are females?
Popeyes served a total of 179 adults and 141 children; if 156 of the people they served are male, how many are female?

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