The Budget Animal testing Logging Volunteer Week
What is the Federal Budget?
An outline of exactly how it's going to spend the country's money.
Early on, the cosmetic industry grew very quickly and ads like these popped up everywhere. But there were no rules about the safety. What happened to the people that used them?
The people that used these products were burned or scarred after putting on dodgy ones.
What is old growth logging?
It is the logging of old growth (trees) in the forest.
What was the name of the charity?
Meals on Wheels
In the budget it outlines how much it's going to spend on defence, health, welfare and _____________.
Cosmetic products sold were tested on animals in some way or another for how many years?
For more than 40 years.
How many days did Miranda Gibson spend on a small platform in a giant Tasmanian Eucalypt, as can act of protest?
Miranda spent 457 days and nights.
How can the government fix the budget hole?
Three options: cut spending, raise taxes, or go into debt.
What animals did they do their research on?
Rats and mice were used most often, but dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs were all common test subjects aswell.
Tasmania has Australia's biggest areas of old growth forest.
What are the names of the three trees?
Myrtle and sassafras and the giant Eucalypt Regnan.
The government has had to make some pretty unpopular decisions to help keep the country out of debt.
What were the unpopular decisions?
It's cut spending in some areas, and will make people pay more money on top of their tax.
It's put off a promise to get the country out of debt.
Austrlia has to borrow money which means there'll be less around for future budgets.
What did the researchers do to the animals?
Researchers often put substances on their skin, to look for blistering or scarring, or put substances in their eyes, to test for redness or burning.
When are area of the forest trees are cleared it's allowed to regenerate and the loggers say they're being responsible.
Why do the conservationists disagree?
They say new growth is logged too quickly, and old growth forest is irreplaceable. They say it's not just unique and spectacular; it's really important to the world as a habitat for animals and a sponge for carbon in the atmosphere.
What does the financial department the treasury do?
what's going on around the country, try to figure out how much people and businesses will earn in a year and how much of that the government will take out as tax.
What is the country that requires products to be tested on animals by law?

In China, every company that sells cosmetics has to test their products on animals for skin and eye irritation. Some companies, like The Body Shop, refuse to sell in China for this very reason, even though it would mean access to millions of new c
What Australian record did Miranda break?
Miranda broke the Australian record for living in a tree. But she didn't do it for adventure or for fame. For her it was an act of protest against an issue that's divided Tasmanians for decades.

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