What is _? Most likely Questionairre
a repeated act that causes physical or emotional harm
What is bullying?
sending someone hurtful text messages
Which is an example of cyberbullying?
hitting or kicking someone
threating someone verbally
excluding someone from a group
sending someone hurtful text messages
-suicidal behaviors
-substance use
-self-inflicted violence (self harm)
(not all people ask for help when they are bullied)
what are the effects of bullying?
bullying that takes place using electronic technology (ex:cell phones, computers, tablets, social media, text ,chat and website)
What is cyber bullying?
talking negatively about herself
Eleanor's parents know she is being bullied by a classmate at school, and they have noticed a change in her.
Which recent change should they most likely attribute to the effects of bullying?
earning higher grades in school
talking negatively about herself
improving physical health
showing interest in new hobbies
-skipping meals/irregular eating
-items destroyed
what are the warning signs (things to look for) for people who are bullied
hitting, kicking, pinching, spitting, tripping/pushing, taking/breaking someones things and making mean or rude hand gestures.
What is physical bullying?
being a victim of physical abuse
Which is one cause of bullying?
being a victim of physical abuse
being well-connected to positive peers
practicing tolerance of others
having access to electronic technology
-unexplained money or items
-blaming others; they feel they're not responsable for actions
-overly competitive
-worry about reputation
what are the warning signs of people who bully
teasing, name-calling, sexual comments, taunting and threatening to cause harm
What is verbal bullying?
having uninvolved parents
Which childhood experience puts someone at risk of becoming a bully?
living with relatives who watch a lot of contact sports
living with siblings who do poorly in school
having a parent who works the night shift
having uninvolved parents
-ignore students
-sort out facts with both students involved
-make students apologize immediately
-talk to students together
-question in front of other people
what should adults NOT do when they witness bullying?
Which is most likely to increase as a result of harassment?
a child who often acts aggressively
Which child is most likely to become a bully?
a child who is learning how to kickbox
a child who often acts aggressively
a child who enjoys watching football
a child who follows the rules
-increase supervision
-assemblies/skill building activities
-regular discussion
-rules against bullying (ex: keep your hands to yourself)
-staff intervention with students who bully
-encourage children to talk about what is going on
-work on strategies for staying safe
-teach respect, empathy in the classroom & practice them
-build school connectedness
-work on up-stander skills
how can we prevent bullying?

Anti Bullying

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