From Plymouth to Philadelphia A New Constitution Adopted Section 2 Main Features of the Constitution More Features of the Constitution
What is the "United States Constitution"?
The supreme law of the land, all man-made laws must adhere to this.
What is the Annapolis Convention?
Only five state delegates attended this convention in 1786, and therefore, no real business could be accomplished.
What is New York City?
Congress chose this city as the temporary capital of the new government.
What is "Aritcle VI (6) of the Constitution"?
The "linchpin of the Constitution", this section of the Constitution states "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made i Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land;.."
What is a "republic"?
This form of government elects others to represent them in government.
What is the "Articles of Confederation"?
America's first national constitution, went into effect on March 1, 1781 after Maryland finally ratified this document.
What is Rhode Island?
Every state except this state chose delegates to send to the Philadelphia convention.
Who is George Washington and Benjamin Franklin?
The two most famous Americans to attend the Constitutional Convention.
What is the "Preamble"?
The 6 purposes for the Constitution are stated in this section of our Constitution.
What is "Federalism"?
The Constitution set up this system or division of the power of government between the national government and the state governments.
What is a "confederacy"?
"a firm league of friendship, the central government is subordinate to state governments and has only the powers which they grant it.
What is the "Constitutional Convention"?
Know as "the most distinguished assembly that the world has ever seen" these 55 delegates made up this Convention of 1787.
What is 1789?
The new government began to function when George Washington was elected and then inaugurated the spring of this year.
Who is "We, the People"?
This body has the grave duty of governing the nation through their elected representatives.
What is the "Executive Branch"?
This branch of government carries out the law.
What is "tax"?
The Articles of Confederacy did not grant Congress the power to do this.
Who is James Madison?
Only 36 year old and often referred to as "the father of the Constitution", it was this man's Virginia Plan that set the agenda for the entire convention.
What is "Independence Hall"?
Previously known as Pennsylvania State House, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.
What is "responsibility"?
Every right has a corresponding...
What is the Judicial Branch?
This branch of government interprets the laws according to the Constitution.
What is "Shay's Rebellion"?
The financial plight of many was illustrated by a group of Massachusetts farmer, who, under the leadership of Daniel Shays, a former officer of the War of Independence, tried to stop governmental foreclosure on debt-ridden farms by disrupting court proceedings. This has been referred to in history as this, and was considered a "critical period" of American history.
Who is Jonathan Dayton?
The youngest of the delegates, at age 26, demonstrated wisdom beyond his years.
What is Rhode Island?
This state was the last state to ratify the constitution by a 34 to 32 vote on May 29, 1790.
What is the "legislative branch"?
This branch of government's main duties are to make laws; Impose taxes; Appropriate money; and Approve treaties and appointments.
What is "checks and balances"?
A system whereby each branch of government exercises a measure of control over the other branches in an effort to balance the power within the national government.

American Government Chapter 4

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