Basis of American Government English Tradition Takes Root in America Steps Toward Unity A Nation is Born Independence Declared
What is "common law"?
A non codified form of law based on long-accepted customs and traditions.
What is the "Mayflower Compact"?
A document written and signed by loyal subjects of the English Crown who sought to bring honor to their king and country.
What is the "Great Awakening"?
The spiritual revival that swept the American colonies between 1730 and 1760.
Who is William Pitt and Edmund Burke?
These men were allies of Benjamin Franklin in the hall of England's Parliament.
What is July 4th, 1776?
On this date, the Declaration of Independence was unanimously adopted by the Continental Congress.
What is "trial by jury"?
When a man is judged guilty or not guilty by a group of his peers.
What is "royal"?
8 colonies that were considered part of the king's domain and was directly under his control were called this.
What is the "Bible"?
It was through study of this book that Americans rediscovered their Puritan roots, which taught hard work and careful stewardship of one's property.
What is the "Stamp Act Congress"?
The delegates at this Congress met in New York in June of 1765 and concluded that, according to their charters, they were only under the authority of the king; they were not under the authority of Parliament because they were not represented in Parliament.
Who is Thomas Jefferson?
This man was primarily responsible for the drafting of the Declaration of the Declaration of Independence, and the chairman of the committee.
What is the "English Bill of Rights of 1689"
No man is above the law; There shall be no taxes without consent; The people may petition for a redress of grievances; The people have a right to keep and bear arms; Elections must be free; The people's representatives must have freedom of speech, and; Neither bail nor fine may be excessive, and punishment may not be cruel.
What is "proprietary"?
Three colonies had been granted to one of the kings subjects, a proprietor and were called this.
What is the "Albany Plan"?
A plan proposed by Benjamin Franklin to unite the colonies, calling for an annual conference of delegates, one from each colony, to manage Native affairs, pass laws, and levy taxes for the common defense of the colonies. It was never adopted.
What is the "First Continental Congress"?
This Congress pledged the loyalty of the colonists to the Crown but protested Parliamentary interference with American rights.
Who is John Adams?
This man, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, said that Americans would celebrate their independence "with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of the continent to the other."
What is the "Magna Carta"?
For the first time in English history, the king was placed under the law of the land, the Great Charter.
What is a "charter"?
A document issued by the crown which established the relationship between the king and his subjects.
What is "political liberty"?
The Great Awakening encouraged this concept, that if men were equal before God, they could not be barred from political participation because of their religious beliefs. Furthermore, the revivalist emphasized that all mend are equal in worth to God. They were naturally inclined to believe in equal justice under the law.
What is "the shot heard around the world"?
On April 19, 1775, this action was considered the start of the War for Independence.
What is 1 Secure foreign alliances, 2 inform the colonists of the Crown's actions, and 3 preclude any colonial sentiment toward reconciliation with England.
Three reasons for the Declaration.
What is the "House of Lords" and the "House of Commons"?
The upper house made up of the nobility and clergy, and the lower house of the representatives of the "common" people.
What is "common law, found in the 'Commentaries on the Laws of England'"?
Apart from the Bible, the greatest influence on the colonists' understanding of law was due to the study this form of law found in this document.
What is the "New Testament"?
The Great Awakening furthered the cause of religious freedom by reviving the concept of local churches supported by converted church members rather than by the government from this early body of documents.
What is the "Second Continental Congress"?
Convened in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775, this governing body began to assume political power: it supported an army, appointed George Washington as commander in chief, and issued money. In effect, America's first central government.
What is the "Creator" and the "Sovereign of the universe"?
The Christian elements of the Declaration of Independence are seen in the acknowledgement that God is these two things.

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