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African American citizens
What demographic was granted voting rights by †he 15th amendment?
Military veterans because they were angry that they were old enough to be drafted yet they weren't old enough to voice their opinions in elections
What demographic advocated for the passage of the 26th amendment( voting age set at 18 years old)?
Residents of the District of Columbia can vote in national elections
What does the 23rd amendment say?
False; African American citizens had the right to vote, but voting prerequisites such as the poll tax prevented African Americans from voting because they could not afford to pay the poll tax
True or False: After the passage of the 15th amendment, most African Americans voted in elections
the minimum voting age was lowered to 18
What does the 26th amendment say?
DC isn't a U.S. state
Why couldn't the residents of the District of Columbia vote before the 23rd amendment?
True or False: Women were granted the right to vote by the 19th amendment
This was the rationale for the passage of the 26th amendment. Veterans strongly believed that if they are old enough to fight and potentially die for their country then they should have the right to express their views in political elections.
What is the meaning of the saying " old enough to fight, old enough to vote?"
What was the voting age before the 26th amendment?
The poll tax prevented low income citizens ( especially African Americans who had previously been subject to servitude) from voting in elections
What was the effect of poll tax on the U.S. Democratic system?


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