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The first stop after the Trojans leave Troy is Thrace where they found the city of _________.
Helenus, Andromache
Who is the ruler of Buthodom in Epirus and to whom is he married?
-Trojan sent by the King of Priam with gold to give to the King of Thrace for safekeeping. The King of Thrace kept the gold for himself and Polydorus was killed.
-Aeneas finds him while digging up the maple saplings.
-He was speared and the spears took ro
Who was Polydorus? Why was he killed?
Aeneas and the Trojans will make it to Italy, but not without famine so severe the Trojans will begin to eat their tables.
What prophecy did the leader of the Harpies utter?
Aeneas attempts to uproot maple saplings but the saplings gush dark red blood.
What reveals the grave of Polydorus?
Who was the leader of the inhabitants on the Strophades islands?
The cyclops that Ulysses/Odysseus blinded in Homer's The Odyssey.
Who was Polyphemus?
Anchises thinks the Trojans need to go to Crete because Teucrus, a Trojan forefather, chose it for his kingdom. He misinterprets this because of the ambiguity of the situation itself:

"...I recounted all
That strange event in sequence to Anchises.
He saw
How did Anchises interpret the oracle from Delos? Why did he interpret it this way?
The Trojans learn that they need to go to the original home of the Trojans and that Aeneas will rule.

"'Look for your mother of old. Aeneas' house
In her will rule the world's shores down the years,
Through generations of his children's children'" (3.13
What did the Trojans learn from the oracle from Delos?
The Harpies-smelly birdlike creatures with the faces of young girls.
Who were the inhabitants of the Strophades islands?
The Trojans decide they shouldn't continue to build a city there, hold a funeral for Polydorus, and go to the island of Delos.
What did the Trojans do upon discovering Polydorus and hearing his story?
Dardanus and Iasius, forefathers of the Trojan people came from there.
The Penates appear to Aeneas in a dream and tell him to seek Hesperia. Why does this fulfill the oracle?

"At last we ran in to the ancient land
Of the Curetes. I could barely wait
To build our hoped-for city walls, to be
Called Pergamum" (3.183-186).
Where did the Trojans found the city of Pergamum and why did they have to leave it?
Twin gods Apollo and Artemis
Delos was the birthplace of which two people?
What was the name of the man the Trojans meet on the island of the Cyclopses?
Scylla: six-headed monster

Charybdis: whirlpool
What are the names of the two monsters that guard the strait of Messina that Helenus warns against? What are they?
Anchises dies.
What happens in Drepanum in western Sicily?

"...I have one thing
To tell you, over and over again, one thing
To warn you of, son of the goddess: make
Your prayer first of all to Juno's godhead" (3.583-586).
To whom is Aeneas advised to show extra reverence to on his course of travels?
After the fall of Troy, Andromache was enslaved by Neoptolemus, who later married Hermione and married Andromache off to Helenus. Orestes (Agamemnon's son who was in love with Hermione) killed Neoptolemus, and Helenus inherited the land.
How did the ruler of Buthodom in Epirus end up as ruler?
A giant snow-white sow suckling a litter of thirty snow-white piglets.
The ruler of Buthodom in Epirus has the gift of prophecy. What will Aeneas find on the bank of a river and what will this signify?

Aeneid Book 3

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