Thats My Jam!

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Who is Orville?
The bird checks you in at the airport.
What are roses?
This flower has the most hybrid colors.
Who is Jack?
This character comes to your island on Halloween.
What is Brachiosaurus?
The tallest fossil in the museum.
What is Toy Day?
This event has you help Jingle bring gifts to villagers.
What is red?
The color of my mailbox.
What is blue?
Roses, hyacinths, windflowers, and pansies are the only flowers to breed this color.
Who is Label?
This Able sister went out on her own.
What is a mole cricket?
This bug can be heard but not seen unless you dig it up
Who is Pave?
The festival event brings this peacock to your island to celebrate.
What is six?
The number of rooms in a fully renovated home?
What are lillies? What are cosmos?
This flower only has three hybrid colors.
Who is kicks?
This character comes to your island to sell accessories.
What is a roach?
This is the only bug you can't catch in the game and is not in the crritterpedia.
What is fishing tourney (tournament)?
This event only occurs four times out of the year and is hosted by C.J.
What is a wand?
You can change your clothes on the go with this item.
What are Hollys?
This bush only blossoms from November to December.
Who is Mott?
This college jock lion lives on my island
What is rain?
This weather increases the chance of rare fish to spawn.
Who is Flick?
The Bug-Off Event is hosted by this character.
What is a flimsy shovel?
five hardwood is needed to make this flimsy tool.
What is Camellia?
This bush is currently in season.
Who is Tortimer?
This old timer used to be mayor but now lives on Harv's Island to give you access to your storage.
What is Coelacanth
Said to be the rarest fish in the game?
Who is Franklin?
He is the celebrity chef that comes to the island to cook on thanksgiving.
What is Bad Romance?
My island tune.

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