Proper Sequencing

Is that Shockable? What's the Dose? Run that PUMP! H or T? ACLS-ish
Name that rhythm : View Image
Epinephrine - 1mg
You are working a cardiac arrest as Medic 102 and need to give your first drug. What is the first line drug during a cardiac arrest and how many milligrams (mg) to an adult?
NorEpi, Amiodarone, Cyanokit
Name three drugs you can give post arrest on the Sapphire IV Pump, TODAY.
Hydrogen Ion, Hypo/Hyperthermia, Hypo/Hyperkalemia; Hypovolemia, Hypoxia,
Name 5 H's in ACLS
24 hours
During post-cardiac arrest care, which is the recommended duration of targeted temperature management after reaching the correct temperature range? 8 hours... 24 hours.... 36 hours... 48 hours...
2nd degree type 2 HB - Asystole or PEA
What is the below rhythm and what cardiac arrest rhythm may follow suit: View Image
300mg followed by 150mg
What is the first and second dose of amiodarone during a cardiac arrest?
Vent Bag
Where is the clamp located for the IV pump in the truck as of today?
Thrombosis lungs and heart, Tension Pneumo, Tamponade, Toxins,
Name 4 T's in ACLS
100, 200, 300, 360
What are the dose ranges for synchronized cardioversion?
Ventricular Tachycardia; 150 mg Amiodarone IV/IO infused on IV Pump over 10 minutes.
What is the below rhythm and what drug might you give post arrest: View Image
Mag Sulfates and 2mg rapid IV push
A patient presents with torsades during an arrest. What drug should be given and what is the dose?
Amiodarone drip of 150 mg in a 100 mL bag over 10 minutes. Sets correctly.
Post v-fib cardiac arrest, what is an appropriate drip to set on the pump? What is the dose and timeframe?
Sepsis; hypovolemia
Your patient present's with a fever, hypotension, altered mental status, hypocapnea, and lethargy. What do you suspect and is this an H or T?
An ETCO2 of 33 during an arrest that had an Etco2 of 20 prior to a pulse check indicates the likelihood of what?
3rd degree Heart Block
Name that rhythm: View Image
Sodium Bicarb - 1amp or 50mEq
A 22-year old male is in cardiac arrest secondary to overdosing on Doxepin. What drug should be given via Med Control Order and what is the dose?
Set's pump correctly at 12 mcg/min.
Set up your pump for a norepi drip in a patient post arrest with a systolic pressure of 70/P.
Hyperkalemia, hypothermia, hypokalemia.
An elderly patient has been laying on the ground for 48 hours and is found in respiratory failure. Upon movement to the ambulance, the patient is noted to have a rhythm change from a wide idioventricular rhythm to ventricular tachycardia and arrests. What is a possible underlying cause?
1/2 the dose.
What does persantine indicate you do with Adenosine?
Osbourne Waves present; Hypothermia
What is special about this EKG taken in January and what may it be indicative of? View Image
Calcium Chloride - 1g
A 79-year old female is in a PEA arrest after overdosing on Norvasc and verapamil. What is the most appropriate drug with Med Control approval and what is the dose?
Cyano Kit; 5 g Over 15 min, sets pump correctly to these settings.
During a cardiac arrest secondary to smoke inhalation. What is an appropriate drug to administer? What is the dose for a 19 year old? Set up your pump.
Cardiac arrest. Pt's who receive immediate CPR secondary to electrocution are 70% more likely to be resuscitated than those who succumb to cardiac arrest from other causes.
You have 5 victims involved in a lightning strike on Bethany beach. Triage reveals: 1 cardiac arrest, 1 unconscious subject, 3 subjects complaining of chest pain and syncope. Who is the priority patient and why?
Request DFI from medical control.
During a witnessed cardiac arrest, your patient displays purposeful movement and sound while in V-fib on the Lucas. What is your most appropriate next course of action?
Ensure High Quality CPR, apply BVM w/ O2, apply monitor, determine rhythm in < 10 seconds, defibrillate every 2 minutes as appropriate, Apply LUCAS, establish IO/IV access, place OPA/NPA, deliver Epi, Intubate if appropriate.
You are medic 108 and arrive at a residence for a cardiac arrest involving a 70 year old male. Fire and BLS are on scene. In the back bedroom you find BLS to be removing the pt. from the bedroom and resting the pt. on the floor. What are the most important steps to take in the first 5 minutes of this cardiac arrest, in ORDER.

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