Before the Test During the Test After the Test Guide Words
What is cramming?
Successful test takers avoid this type of procrastinated "studying":
What is answering the questions!
The best way to earn points on a test:
What is rewarding yourself.
This ritual can help you to reduce anxiety after a test:
What is a prompt?
The purpose of a guide word is:
What is the best way to earn points on a test?
Answer the questions! Don't leave anything blank. Just simply try. You may only earn half credit for an answer, but every bit counts.
What is visualization?
The following definition is a a type of tool that successful students can use to do well on a test:
1. To form a mental image of; envisage: tried to visualize the scene as it was described.
2. To make visible.
What is previewing the test?
Skimming through the test to see how long it is, what kinds of questions there are, and the point values of the questions is know as:
What is instructor feedback.
When you receive your test back, this can help you to understand why you missed points:
What is analyzing?
This guide word asks you to identify parts and explain how the parts contribute to the whole:
Physical Preparation
Wearing your lucky underwear to the test is an example of what kind of preparation?
What is moving on?
When students get stuck on questions, this is the strategy that they should use in order to be successful on the rest of the test:
What is corecting wrong answers.
Students who are creators take time to anazlyze their mistakes on a test by:
What is explaining.
What guide word could be used in place of the phrase "making something clear"?
What are the parts of the CORE Learning System?
Collect, Organize, Rehearse, Evaluate are part of this system:
What are memory cues?
Upon receiving the test, writing these down can help you to empty your memory of important mnemonics, formulas or study information that can help you do well on the test:
What are the Writing Center, the Oral Communication Center, and the Math Lab?
These are three resources that a creator type student could go for assistance on the UW campus in order to get help with a variety of subjects...not just for tests:
What is assessing the strengths, weaknesses and providing reason.
Evaluation is a guide word meaning:
What are studying, visualizing, creating an affirming statement, showing up on time, brings supplies, gets enough sleep, eats well, relaxes.
The course book inadvertently mentions the behaviors of a successful test taker as someone who: (list 5)
What are directions?
These change frequently throughout the test and are often ignored when students feel anxious:
What is Disabilities Services
The University of Wyoming provides services for those who experience problems learning or test taking through which office:
What are to analyze, compare, contrast, define, describe, discuss why, discuss effect, discuss how, evaluate, explain, illustrate, and summarize.
Without the book, list 6 of the 12 guide words:

Academic Skills: Test Taking

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