Earth's structure and processes Astronomy Astronomy forces and motion forces and motion
What is asthenosphere
the layer over which the tectonic plates move is the?
What is asteroids
rocky bodies that orbit between the inner and outer planets are........
What is the moon
which object has greater gravitational effect on earth tides?
What is no increase or decrease
what type of line would show no movement
What is applying force in the opposite direction of motion
which would not be a way to cause a moving object to move faster?
What is heat trapped deep within earth
the pressure that causes a volcanic eruption is generated by?
What is corona
what is the hottest layer of the sun?
What is inertia
the elliptical orbit of the planets in the solar system around the sun is a result of the suns gravitational attraction and the planet's........
What is unit of time
speed measurements contain a distance unit and.......
What is the team on the right is exerting more force
during a game of tug-of-war a scarf is tied to the center of the rope, then the scarf is pulled to the right, because of this we know that?
What is faults
if stress earth's crust builds up and the rock breaks, an earthquake occurs
What is heat and light
the sun's photosphere gives off radiation that reaches earth as......
What is weight
if an astronaut could land on Jupiter, her...........would increase.
What is friction
what force is used to slow down and stop a moving car?
What is gravity
your in a car going 20mph and the car suddenly stops but your body continues to move forward this is because of..........
What is contour lines
aerial photography and satellite imagery order to collect data about earth's features
What is first quarter and last quarter
half the moon is lit up and visible from earth during which phase
What is milky way galaxy
in which galaxy do we live in?
What is produce enough force to move the truck
a large truck need to have a large engine in order to........
What is friction
a book is sliding across the floor but eventually comes to a rest because of........
What is cross-sectional
the contour lines along a stream or river form
V-shapes that always point......
What is tilted toward the sun
summer occurs on the hemisphere of earth that is.......
What is radio
one advantage that.......telescopes have is that sunlight, clouds, and rain do not affect observations
What is move faster
if an object is being pushed in the same direction that it is already moving, the object will........
What is remain in motion
according to inertia, a moving object, if no force acts on it, will .........

8th grade science game project (Jeopardy) level 2

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