waves waves
What is mechanical
waves from the ocean are known as what kind of wave?
What is halved
for a given wave, if the frequency doubles, the wavelength?
What is a vibration in material causing a vibration in an adjacent area
which is the best description of the cause of sound waves?
What is absorb
to improve sound quality, concert halls and theaters use curtains and other soft materials to........sound waves
What is electromagnetic waves
radio waves, x-rays, and visible light are all forms of energy that travel as....
What is inner ear
which part of the ear is the sound amplifier?
What is sound waves
describe a mechanical wave?
What is outer ear
which part of the ear acts as the sound collector?
What is light
A....... wave can travel in the absence of matter
What is cornea
the first part of the eye to receive, transmit, and refract light entering the eye is the......

8th grade science game project (Jeopardy) level 3

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