Measurement Proportional Relationships Probability Numbers Equations and Expressions
What is obtuse
A triangle has the following angle measures: 98°, 47°, and 35°. What type of triangle is it?

a. Obtuse
b. Right
c. Acute
d. Equiangular
What is D
A bag of coffee costs $9.85 and contains 16 ounces of coffee. Which of the following best represents the cost per ounce?

a. $0.67
b. $0.64
c. $0.65
d. $0.62
What is A
Amy rolled a die and flipped a coin. What is the probability that she rolled an even number and got heads?

a. ¼
c. ¾
d. ⅓
What is B
Rebecca paid $16.90 to place an advertisement in a local newspaper. The total cost is determined by a
$4.50 set up cost and a $0.40 per word cost. How many words were in Rebecca’s advertisement?
A 29
B 31
C 21
D 52
What is -3
the equation 2x - 1 = - 7
What is A
A rectangular prism has a length of 14.3 cm, a width of 8.9 cm, and a height of 11.7 cm. Which of the following is the best estimate for the volume of the rectangular prism?

a. 1,512 cm"
b. 1,287 cm"
c. 1,386 cm"
d. 1,620 cm"
What is C
David drove 232 miles in 4 hours and 319 miles in 5.5 hours. What is the constant rate of change?
A 50 miles per hour
B 56 miles per hour
C 58 miles per hour
D 62 miles per hour
What is C
Ms. Lorenz works at the local grocery store. She is equally likely to be assigned to work in the bakery
section, the floral section, the produce section, or the meat section. In 20 days of working at the local
grocery store, how many times should she expect to be assigned to the floral section?
A 6
B 4
C 5
D 3
What is -176
What is the value of -220 divide 1.25 ?
What is 2
4x + 4 = 12
What is C
Fred designs a candy box in the shape of a triangular prism. The base of each triangular face measures 4 inches, while the height of the prism is 7 inches. Given that the length of the prism is 11 inches, what is the volume of the candy box?

a. 102 in"
b. 128 in"
c. 154 in"
d. 308 in"
What is G
The ratio of boys to girls in the school band is 4:3. If there are 16 boys, how many girls are in the
F 10
G 12
H 16
J Not Here
What is F
Reynaldo tossed a quarter and 3 dimes at the same time. The quarter landed heads up. What is the
probability that all of the dimes also landed heads up?
F 1/8
G 1/4
H 1/3
J 3/4
What is G
Mrs. Bird’s back yard is 125.2 square yards. Her neighbor’s back yard is 1.4 times as large as hers?
What is the area of the neighbor’s yard?
F 126.6 square yards
G 175.28 square yards
H 185.78 square yards
J 89.4 square yards
What is -3.5
0.4x + 2.9 = 1.5
What is B
What is the volume of a rectangular prism whose dimensions are 2 feet, 2.5 feet and 4 feet?
A 8.5 cubic feet
B 20 cubic feet
C 46 cubic feet
D 200 cubic feet
What is H
Stu bought a bag of lollipops. It contained 30 lollipops and 6 of them were grape flavored. Which is
the best prediction of the number of grape lollipops there would be in a bag of 100 lollipops?
F 22
G 24
H 20
J 26
What is B
Rosalie placed 10 red counters and 15 counters of other colors into a bag. She plans to draw a
counter from the bag, record the color, and place the counter back into the bag before drawing again.
If she follows this plan 75 times, how many times should she expect to draw a counter that is NOT
A 15
B 45
C 30
D 50
What is H
What is the value of -36 -(- 40) ?
F −76
G 76
H 4
J −4
What is 4
12x + 6 = 54
What is B
Mrs. Eaves bought 5 lb 15 oz of apples and 8 lb 8 oz of oranges. How many more ounces of oranges
did she buy than apples?
A 65 ounces
B 41 ounces
C 39 ounces
D 231 ounces
What is 25
A man used 10 gallons of gasoline on a 180-mile trip. How many gallons of gasoline will he use on a
450-mile trip?
What is D
Millie has a box of crayons. 30 of the crayons are red, 14 are green, and 16 are blue. Millie randomly
selects a crayon from the box, records the color and then replaces the crayon in the box. If she
selects a crayon 30 times, how many times do you predict she will select a blue crayon?
A 6
B 7
C 10
D 8
What is C
Benjamin has 3 dimes and 4 nickels. What percent of a dollar does he have?
A 15%
B 7%
C 50%
D 45%
What is A
The sum of a number x and 12 is -6 . What is the value of x?

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