Shahadah #1 Shahadah #2 Salah Zakaat Hajj
“Submit yourself”-submit to Allah, sincerely worshipping him alone, obeying Him, and not associating partners with him (shirk)
What is the meaning of Islam?
Negate all other that are worshipped other than Allah, affirm that we must worship Allah alone, who has NO PARTNER.
What are the two parts of the first part of the Shahadah "La illaha illah Allah"?
1.Saying “Allaahu Akbar” beginning the prayer
2.Standing in it reciting Allaah`s Speech
3.Bowing, in it glorifying Allaah
4.Rising from bowing, in it praising Allaah
5.Prostrating, in it glorifying Allaah in His Greatness and supplicating to Him
6.Sitting, supplicating
7.The tashahhud
8.Taslim, signifies the end of the prayer
What does the Salah consist of?(There are 8 general steps)
One Sa’= four scoops ( average size man with both hands together)
What does one sa' equal to?

A Muslim convention in which Muslims come to it from all corners of the globe, representing all nationalities, colors, languages — yet they wear one clothing, they stand on one level, and they are all performing one worship; no distinction is made between old and young, between rich and poor, or between black and white.
What is the definition of Hajj (that can be explained to anybody)?
What holds up the house of Islam? Who ONLY lives in this house?
Obey in what he orders; Believe in him and what he informs; Stay away from what he forbids; Worship Allah the way that the prophet legislated ( there is a limit to our worship)
What does it mean to bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger?
1.The prayer is to be performed with Khushu’ (having a heart which is present and reflective)
2. Have sincerity
3. In manner that the Prophet prayed, for it to be acceptable and sound.
What is mannerism of the Salah?
It aims to create love, kindness, generosity, and cooperation among Muslims.
What is the goal of Zakaah?

2.Sinless like a new born baby.
What is the rewards of performing Hajj (if performed correctly without any intercourse, foul speech, and evil deeds)?
They used to worship stones, and when they would find a better stone they would get rid of the stone and would worship the better stone. And if no stones was found they would gather a pile of dirt and milk a sheep over it, thereupon after they would walk around it preforming a ritual worship.
How was the condition of the Arab before the arrival of the Prophet?
Knowledge (negates ignorance), Certainty (negates the doubt), Sincerity ( negates Shirk), Truth (negates denial), Love (negates hate), Submission ( negates abandoning), Acceptance ( negates rejection), Disbelief in all other worshipped except Allah.
What are the 8 conditions of "La illaha illah Allah"? What does each negate?
1.It is a great evil which is practiced by many who claim to be Muslim. 2.Abandoning the prayer is disbelief.
3.The prayer is the support for Islam and there is no Islam for the one who abandons it. This will likely lead the person to abandoning all other religious duties as well.
4.It is a means for one to enter the Hellfire. [al-Muddathir: 42-42] [Ar-Rum:31] [Al-An’am:72] [al-Mursalat:47-48]
5.The scholars have agreed that the one who persists in abandoning the prayer should be punished with death. There are many ahadith which indicate the disbelief of the one who abandons the prayer.
6.Praying in a hasty manner prevents one from having a wakeful heart during prayer and without this the prayer is not accepted.
7.The prayer is coiled like an old garment, and it says, “May Allaah ruin you as you have ruined me.”
Why should one not abandon the prayer? (There were 7. Name 4.)
They are:
1.What comes out of the earth ( grains and fruits)
2.Grazing Livestock
3.Gold (85 grams) and silver {595 grams=$296 (2020)}
4.Merchandise meant for sale
Zakaah is given on how many types of wealth? What are they?
“…A jihad in which there is no fighting: Hajj and 'Umrah.“
(Recorded by Ahmad and Ibn Majah, with an authentic chain.)
What is the jihad for the women?
1.He was mentioned by Allah among the prophets and messengers that were inspired by Allah
2.He was the last of Prophets
3.He is the first of Muslims
4.The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own self and his wives are their mothers.
5.He will be given the right to intercede for the Muslims on the Day of Judgement ( Prophet of mercy, BEST of creation, sent to man and jinn, leader of children of Adam, and is the Prophet of Islam)
In what ways did Allah honor Muhammad? 5 mentioned name 3.
Apply its meaning; Sincerely worship Allah alone; Believe He is the only one worthy of worship; Believe that all other deities is false; Love Allah and His messenger (worship Allah and follow the messenger)
It isn’t enough for one to merely just utter the Shahadah, one must also... (There were five things mentioned in class name all five.)
In a hadith Qudsi, Allah said, “I have divided the prayer between Me and My slave into two halves, and for my slave is what he asks. When my slave says, “All the praises and thanks are to Allah, the Lord of all that exists,” Allah Almighty says, “My slave has praised me.” When he says, “The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful,” Allah Almighty says, “My slave has extolled me.” When he says, “The Only Owner of the Day of Recompense,” Allah Almighty says, “My slave has glorified me.” Then when he says, “You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help,” Allah Almighty says, This is between Me and My slave, and for My slave is what he asks.” And then when he says, “Guide us to the straight way, the way of those on whom You have bestowed Your grace, not of those who earned Your anger, nor of those who went astray,” Allah Almighty says, “This is for My slave and for My slave is what he asks.” [Muslim]
What was mentioned in a hadith Qudsi about Prayer? (Hint: Allah said, “I have divided the prayer between Me and My slave into two halves...")
1.It creates ties of love and brotherhood between the poor and rich
2.Making Zakat obligatory is one of the merits of Islam
3.Protects oneself from being greedy
4.It creates the habit of being generous and helping the needy
5.It blesses your wealth
6.The very poor (fuqarā)
7.The needy (masākeen)
8.Those employed to collect it (to meet their needs)
9.To attract the hearts of those non-Muslims who are inclined towards Islam
10.Freeing captives
11.Helping those in genuine debt
12.To the governmental army of a Muslim country
13.The traveler to help him reach his destination
What are the benefits for Zakaat? There are 13 name at least 5.
1.He must be sane
2.He has reached the age of puberty ( a child that made hajj before reaching the age of puberty must redo it when he is an adult)
3.He is free (not a slave) (NOT OBLIGATORY ON SLAVES)
4.Financially and physically able to make hajj

Women that have no mahram to accompany her is forbidden from making Hajj.
Who are the ones obligated to perform Hajj? There are 4. Who (mentioned in class) are forbidden?

1.Used for call to prayer, during sermons and conversations
2.All creation is created for this phrase
3.Allah sent His messengers, His books, and legislated His laws with it
4.This phrase distinguished the believers from the disbelievers
5.Determine factor for our deeds being rewarded or punished.
6.The Qiblah and swords of Jihad are founded on this phrase
7.Phrase of Islam and key to Paradise
8.On the day of Judgement, you will be asked:
Whom did you worship?
How did you answer the Messenger?
These questions are answered by knowing the Shahadah
9.Phrase of Piety
10.Allah and the angels testify to this
What's the status of "La illaha illah Allah"? There are 10 name 5 of them.
1.If one last words are La illaha illah Allah, he enters Jannah and is protected from the Fire
2.Whoever says it WITHOUT believing in it, his blood is spilled, and wealth is taken in this world and the hereafter
3.It is the best form of remembrance ( one that is most multiplied)
4.Saying it, is equal to freeing slaves and protects one from Shaytaan
5.Slogan for the believers when they arise from their graves
6.Whoever speaks it, the eight doors of Jannah are opened for him. And he enters through whichever one he pleases
7.Whoever says it and does bad deeds will enter the Hellfire but will SURELY exit out (eventually).
What are the virtues of "La illaha illah Allah"? There are 7 name 4 of them.
1) It is only second to the Shahadah. This shows its importance and ranking.
2) It is the first deed we will be asked about (if it`s good and acceptable, then he will have achieved success, but if not, then one has achieved failure).
- [Surah al-Baqarah:238]
3) It is a sign which distinguishes between Islam and disbelief
4) It is the link between a worshipper and his Lord
5) It helps us in our important affairs and protects us from committing sins.[Al-Ankabut:45]
6) It is an illumination in the hearts of the believers
7) It is happiness and contentment in the heart and souls
8) It is an erasing and atonement for one`s sins
9) It is a comfort and for one stricken by difficulty
What are the virtues and importance of the Prayer? There are 9 name 4 of them.
1.On the Day when that ( Kanz) will be heated in the fire of Hell and with it will be branded ( burnt in the skin of) their foreheads, their flanks, and their backs, (and it will be said unto them), this is the treasure which you hoarded for yourselves. Now taste of what you used to hoard. These words will be said to them as a way of admonishing, criticizing and mocking them. Every time the area will cool, the process will be repeated on a day that is equal to fifty thousandths years ( until the final judgements had been made by Allah and people see their course either Paradise or Hell).
2.A snake with black dots above its eyes will squeeze him on the Day of Judgement and then the snake will grab him by the corners of his mouth, and it will say, “I am your wealth, I am your Kanz” (reported in an authentic hadith)
3.The wealth that was withheld from zakat would be tied to the person’s neck on the Day of Judgement like a collar.
What was mentioned in the Quran about the punishment for those who have Kanz (the zakaah that has not been paid)? (Hint: There are 3. Mention at least 2 of them.)
“Islam is to bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah, to establish the prayer, to pay the Zakat, to make Hajj to the House (Ka'bah), to make 'Umrah, to take a shower from Janabah (i.e., after performing sexual intercourse or after having a wet dream), to make a complete ablution, and to fast Ramadhan. (Ibn Khuzaimah and Ad- Daraqutni from a. Hadith related by 'Umar bin Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him; Ad-Daraqutni said, "This chain is established and authentic”
What Ahadith related to Umar Bin Al-Khattab proves Umrah is also obligatory? (Hint: Islam is to bear witness...)

5 Pillars of Islam

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