South Carolina Geography South Carolina Rivers South Carolina Regions South Carolina Native Americans South Carolina Exploration
What is Columbia
the capital of South Carolina. It is the largest city in the state. Almost 125,000 people live there.
What is the Savannah River
This river forms most of the border between South Carolina and Georgia. But Augusta and Savannah, both in Georgia, are important centers of trade and commerce in the region.
What is the Blue Ridge Mountains
This region is on South Carolina's border with Georgia and North Carolina. They are part of the Appalachian Mountains. Sassafras Mountain, the highest point in the state, is found here.
What is wigwams
houses built out of wood poles and barks
Who is Jean Ribault (the French)
In 1562, Who started a settlement called Charlesfort on Parris Island.
The settlers at Charlesfort were French Protestants who wanted religious freedom.
They named the region surrounding the settlement Carolus. The settlement and the region were named aft
What is Myrtle Beach
is on the Atlantic Ocean. Many tourists visit this city because of its beaches, golf courses, amusement parks, and restaurants.
What is the Peed Dee River
This river was named after the Native American Pee Dee tribe. The river starts in North Carolina and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Several dams along the river in North Carolina create electric power.
What is the Piedmont Region
This region is a large area of rolling hills between the Sandhills and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Greenville and Spartanburg are two large cities in this region.
What is Cherokee
this native american group Most lived in the hilly and mountainous Blue Ridge region. Although they had an emperor by 1730, he had little power over the tribes. The tribes were led by town leaders who were in charge of the local level. By the 1700s, they
Who is William Hilton and Henry Woodward.. (the english)
In 1663, Who explored South Carolina and claimed it for the English and who was the first English colonist in South Carolina. He traded with the Native Americans and planted rice.
The English were very interested in South Carolina because of its warm clim
What is Charleston
has been an important city in South Carolina's history. It was founded in 1670. It is the second largest city in the state.
What is the Santee River
This River is also named after a Native American tribe. It is formed in central South Carolina where the Wateree and Congaree rivers meet. The Santee Dam was built on the river to provide electricity for the region. When the dam was built, Lake Marion was
What is the Sandhills Region
This region is located in the center of the state. This region is made up of ancient coastal sand dunes from when the oceans were higher.
What is Catawba
Land: Most lived along the North Carolina border in the Rock Hill area.
Warfare: They were friendly with European colonists but fought with other tribes.
Language: Siouan
What is the Spanish and San Miguel de Gualdape.
Who were the first Europeans to explore South Carolina when they sailed along the Coastal Zone in the early 1500s and In 1526, they built the first European settlement in South Carolina where. Many of the settlers died from disease and attacks.
What is Rock hill and Spartanburg
has around 65,000 residents. Because it is so close to Charlotte, North Carolina, many people who live in Rock Hill work in the Charlotte area.
This is an important city in the northern part of the state. It is near Greenville, another large city in the r
What is the Edisto River
this river flows through the southern part of the state. It is a blackwater river with dark and stained water caused by decaying vegetation. The river moves very slowly, and there are no large cities along its course.
What is the Coastal Plain
This is the largest region in South Carolina. It is in between the Sandhills and the Coastal Zone. The region is very flat. It is often divided into the Outer Coastal Plain and the Inner Coastal Plain.
What is Yemassee
these natives Most lived in the coastal area east of the Savannah River. They lived in Florida until fights with the Spanish led them to move to South Carolina. They moved a lot because they fought with other tribes, the English, and the Spanish. In 1727,
Who is Hernando de Soto, Juan Pardon (the Spanish)
In 1540, Is explorer came to South Carolina while he was looking for gold and other riches. He was the first European to explore the inland part of South Carolina.
In 1566, Who explored South Carolina and built Fort San Felipe on Parris Island.
In 1576, t
What is Greenville
is an important city in the northern part of the state. More than 50,000 people live there.
What is a river
A large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea, a lake, or another stream.
What is the Coastal Zone
is the region closest to the Atlantic Ocean. in this region it is jagged with many inlets and bays. The city of Charleston and its important harbor are found here.
What is the Cherokee, Catawba, and the Yemassee. They were farmers who grew corn which was the most important food of the time
what were the three native american tribes and what did they do
What is the English
Who were the first Europeans to have a permanent settlememt in the State

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